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$1,599 Per Month

Full-time remote employee

Per Month

Full-time remote employee

Per Month

Full-time remote employee

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I consider myself an expert when it comes to hiring overseas VA’s, we sourced VA’s in the Philippines previously, but that market is now saturated so it forced me to look for alternative markets when I found Uche and Staffaro.

Time zones have always been an issue in the Philippines, which leads to a lot of churn until you find the right person and due to the level of competition in the salaries have become out of line with the quality.

Don’t get me wrong, you still can find great people there and I have many on my team still, but now but when I starting testing using Uche and Staffaro I was simply impressed with the quality of VA’s, so far we have hired 3 virtual assistants out of Africa, Argentina and Columbia the talent compares to what you would expect in the US, even the same time zone BUT with more loyalty and less salary required!

This is a no brainer… you deserve the best for yourself and your clients. This is exactly what Uche and Staffaro have delivered for us!

Ray Malaski

Founder at Get Cleaning Clicks

I have been using Uche and Team for my virtual assistant needs for a few months now and I am very pleased. The service is top notch and my assistants are very knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a virtual staff.
Eby Mathew
Director - Daeb International Pty Ltd
Staffaro runs a very crucial and needed service for online businesses. I was struggling to find and hire very good MEAN Stack developer for my SaaS company at the time, We hired Staffaro to help us hire MEAN stack developer and he delivered on their promise.
Gaetano Caruana
Founder at Earlyparrot
I needed to fill a specific designer role and asked them to source candidates. They were very professional and never pushy. Provided me with a list of candidates to review of which we interviewed several and hired 1 candidate. I very much appreciated that they did exactly what they said.
Charlie Patel
CEO at 99 Robots
Jonathan Cromwell
Founder at Wardbord
Oscar Guerrero

Founder of Weclick Group

Kirsten Rand
Founder at Maid à la mode

We offer a lifetime guarantee on new hires. If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out even after 2 years, we’ll replacement them for free.

It starts at $1,547 per month which includes your remote employee’s salary and other benefits.

Try a virtual assistant for 20 hours before deciding to commit full-time or part-time.

After the discovery call, one of our recruitment consultants – who are experts in filling the types of roles we offer – will start the process. They will conduct screening interviews, personality and skills tests (if needed), and background checks before sending candidate endorsements to the requesting client. The client then conducts the final interview with the recruitment consultant, but makes the final decision themselves.

We provide trainings and also conduct onboarding/orientation for new team members.

We like to recommend that you create an onboarding document. This document will help your remote employee understand which tasks they’ll be expected to take on most often. You should also be interactive with them. Ask them what they’re good at. What would they do to improve your lead generation? Your marketing support? Your most basic marketing tasks?

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