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Dominate Search Engine Results with Staffaro’s Experienced & Dedicated SEO Virtual Assistants Struggling to rise to the top of search engine result pages? Looking to rank your website higher and increase visibility? It’s time to hire an SEO Virtual Assistant (SEO VA) from Staffaro.   Our SEO VAs are experts in their field, solely dedicated to crafting and implementing effective SEO strategies tailored to your business. They possess the skills and knowledge needed to drive real results and ensure your content shines on search engine result pages.

Leave your SEO worries behind as our VAs work diligently to optimize your website, improve online visibility, and enhance your conversion rates. With their specialized training and proficiency in various SEO tools and metrics, they have the expertise to boost your page rankings and attract valuable organic traffic.  

What can a Saffaro SEO VA do for you?

Keyword Research

They conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords and phrases that align with the client’s industry, target audience, and business goals.

One Page Optimisation

An SEO virtual assistant optimizes website content, including meta tags, headings, URLs, and internal linking structures, to improve search engine visibility and organic rankings.

Off Page Optimization

An SEO VA assists with off-page SEO activities such as link building, guest blogging, social bookmarking, and directory submissions to enhance the website’s authority and increase organic traffic.

Content creation and optimization

An SEO virtual assistant creates high-quality, SEO-friendly content such as blog posts, articles, and website copy. Optimizing content with relevant keywords, headings, and formatting to improve search engine rankings.

Technical SEO analysis

They help to conduct technical audits of websites to identify and resolve issues that may impact search engine performance, such as broken links, crawl errors, and page speed optimization.

Competitor analysis

An SEO virtual assistant helps with researching and analyzing competitor websites and SEO strategies to identify opportunities, benchmark performance, and develop effective SEO strategies.

We match you with an expert SEO VA who’s effective from day one.

Other tasks a Staffaro SEO VA can do for you

SEO reporting and analysis

An SEO virtual assistant monitors and analyzes website performance using SEO tools, such as Google Analytics or Search Console. Generating regular reports to track keyword rankings, organic traffic, and other SEO metrics.

SEO content optimization

An SEO Virtual assistant reviews and optimizes existing website content to improve search engine visibility and user engagement. Conducting content audits, updating meta tags, and optimizing internal linking structures.

SEO consultation and recommendations

An SEO VA provides clients with SEO recommendations and strategies to improve their website’s search engine rankings, visibility, and overall organic performance.

Local SEO optimization

An SEO Virtual Assistant helps with local SEO strategies, including optimizing Google My Business profiles, managing online reviews, and ensuring accurate business information across directories and local listings.

SEO best practices and algorithm updates

They stay updated on the latest SEO trends, algorithm updates, and industry best practices to ensure adherence to current SEO guidelines and strategies.

SEO performance tracking and goal setting

They are in charge of setting SEO goals in collaboration with clients, monitoring progress, and adjusting strategies as needed to achieve desired outcomes.

How Does It Work?

15-minute Consultation

15-minute Consultation

Getting the perfect fit is essential to us, considering your hired offshore marketing or creative talent will be an extension of your team. To start, you will let us know the exact requirements you have based on your needs.

Interview 3 Hand-Selected Staffaro Unicorns

Interview 3 Hand-Selected Staffaro Unicorns

We’ll take your requirements and closely match them to one of our experienced and highly skilled marketing talent. You will interview talent that has been hand selected for you with the skill set and experience you need.

We On-Board Your New Remote Team Member

We On-Board Your New Remote Team Member

We onboard your highly skilled and experienced remote employee into your business as part of your team after the 40-hour trial. We take care of IT support, onboarding, payroll, and taxes. Fewer headaches for you.

What they say about Staffaro

	 Eby Mathew

Eby Mathew

Director - Daeb International Pty Ltd

I have been using Uche and Team for my virtual assistant needs for a few months now and I am very pleased. The service is top notch and my assistants are very knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a virtual staff.

Gaetano Caruana

Gaetano Caruana

Founder at Earlyparrot

Staffaro runs a very crucial and needed service for online businesses. I was struggling to find and hire very good MEAN Stack developer for my SaaS company at the time, We hired Staffaro to help us hire MEAN stack developer and he delivered on their promise.

Charlie Patel

Charlie Patel

CEO at 99 Robots

I needed to fill a specific designer role and asked them to source candidates. They were very professional and never pushy. Provided me with a list of candidates to review of which we interviewed several and hired 1 candidate. I very much appreciated that they did exactly what they said.

Jonathan Cromwell

Founder at Wardbord

Oscar Guerrero

Founder of Weclick Group

Kirsten Rand

Founder at Maid à la mode

      Aaron Krall

Founder at SaaS Growth Hacks

 Daniel Moscovitch

Founder at Flooring Pros Marketing

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